Landscape Grading & Soil Replacement

The most important aspect of landscape grading is to improve drainage

When grading is incorrect, it can cause damage to a structure’s foundation as well as lead to other complicated landscape issues. Landscape grading is done by a variety of techniques including sloping the land away from a structure, constructing retention ponds and diffusing water to reduce erosion are all important things to consider when deciding that land grading needs to be done. The correct land grading is also important when modifying existing land surfaces, such as stairs, slopes, rock walls, retaining walls, embankments and water features.

The landscape grading process:

  • Measure & Design
  • Removing Top Soil
  • Soil Excavating (As needed)
  • Rough Grading
  • Back Filling Soil
  • Final Grading

Please contact us for your next landscape grading and soil replacement project.

grading path
grading for drainage
grading on a construction site
Breithaupt Park grading paths along baseball diamond
Breithaupt Park grading in progress
Breithaupt Park landscaping construction in progress